Economist lobbies for increased infrastructure development funds

Renowned economic expert Betchani Tchereni has suggested that government should increase the development budget to ensure that more resources are directed towards constructing development infrastructure.

He made the remarks following President Lazarus Chakwera’s recommitment to revamp the railroad transport as he officially opened the Shire North Railway Bridge in Balaka on Tuesday 13 July.

Tchereni said that as much as the current railroad connection upgrade will have positive impacts on economic activities it is important that government immediately expands budget allocation to development infrastructure which will inevitably boom economic growth.

Tchereni said: “For a developmental state we need to show the development through our developmental budget, let us increase that budget and let us get more resources to be channeled towards infrastructure development.”

He also hinted at pension funds which are usually not utilized to the benefit of the country despite having these funds at our disposal.

“It is very important that we start looking at the aspect of pension funds which are many and are not being used, let us use them for infrastructure development,” said Tchereni.

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