Expert urges people to get vaccinated as Covid-19 cases surge

Health expert Maziko Matemba says the resumption of the AstraZeneca vaccine after some months break due to stock outs is an opportunity for Malawians to get full cover and partial cover from Covid-19.

In an interview with YONECO FM online Matemba said more people are interested to get vaccinated after seeing how bad the pandemic has affected people in the country.

He also said the good turn-out in centers where the vaccine is being administered signifies that, the strategies used to woo communities to get vaccinated have succeeded.

“The first phase was characterized by low turnout of people going for vaccination but this time around the response has been overwhelming,” said Matemba.

He therefore called on authorities to ensure availability of the vaccine as demand for the jab has increased.

As of 26 July 2021,the country had 10642 active cases of Covid-19.

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