Police to complete Msundwe rape probe in two months

The Malawi Police Service (MPS) says it is optimistic that it will complete an investigation into Msundwe, Mpingu and M`bwatalika rape saga in two months.

Police Inspector General Dr George Kainja said this in Lilongwe during the signing of terms of reference with United Nations (UN), Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) and Women Lawyers Association (WLA).

“The first investigation that we carried out earlier on were found wanting, there had a lot of gaps that we needed to fill right from point of the court and stakeholders like UN, MHRC and WLA, they were not satisfied with the way MPS carried out its investigation.

“So, for purposes of transparency we thought it would be important that we answer the voice of reason that is outside there in terms of carrying out fresh investigation that’s why this time around we have teamed up with these stakeholders,” he said.

Dr Kainja added that the police investigation will be evidence based unlike previous inquiry that was conducted by the Commission.

“We are giving ourselves two months as a minimum, all of you may be aware that sometimes investigations can be complex.

“But let me assure Malawians that by the end of two months we should be able to come up with a progress report that will satisfy Malawians in terms of fresh investigations,” said Dr Kainja.

Last week, government compensated the 18 survivors (applicants) after a long court battle successfully fought by the WLA.

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