Lake users cautioned as Mwera winds make landfall

A warning has gone out to people in the country especially lake users to exercise caution as the water bodies are expected to be hit by Mwera winds this week from Tuesday.

Confirming the development to YFM, Director in the Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services Jolamu Nkhokwe said Mwera winds are expected over Lakes of Malawi, Malombe, Chilwa and others water bodies.

“Mwera winds are expected over lakes of Malawi, Malombe, Chilwa and other water bodies on 3rd August to Thursday 5th August 2021.

“Those plying over the Lake waters should continue exercising utmost extra caution to avoid loss of life and property due to rough waters caused by the invasion of Mwera winds,” said Nkhokwe.

He added that most parts of the country are this week expected to experience cool to warm and mostly sunny weather conditions.

“Most areas in the south, center and north of the country are expected to experience cool to warm and mostly sunny weather conditions as from Tuesday 3rd August to Wednesday 4th August 2021.

“This will be due to moist airflow from the east alternating with cool and moist airflow from south east of the Indian Ocean.

“However, expect cool to very cold weather conditions with infrequently patches of fog and frost during nighttime and morning hours,” Nkhokwe said.

Meanwhile, the lengths of day-time hours continue to increase for each passing day, as the position of the sun continue to move southwards, before it reaches the equator on 22nd September 2021.

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