Ministry of Health warns against mixing vaccines

Ministry of Health and Population has called on Malawians to avoid getting two different vaccines such as AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson at the moment.

The call was made during a Johnson and Johnson vaccine media orientation workshop held in Mzuzu in readiness for the arrival of the vaccine in the country.

According to the ministry people should not confuse the two vaccines as they are different in nature and in dose.

Speaking to YFM Public Relations Officer for the Ministry Adrian Chikumbe said those on AstraZeneca first dose should wait for their second AstraZeneca dose and not Johnson and Johnson.

“In an ideal situation we were supposed to have just AstraZeneca but because of the break we had in between we opted to get other brands.

“People should not be confused if they got AstraZeneca first dose they should wait for the second dose of AstraZeneca and those that have not gotten any can get Johnson and Johnson,” said Chikumbe.

He further said currently the expertise that is available does not allow people to mix the two vaccines.

Malawi is expected to receive 302,400 doses of Johnson and Johnson vaccine on August 6, 2021 and is expected to start administering the vaccine by August 9, 2021.

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