HIV, TB still needs more attention

A researcher at the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust has underscored the need to pay more attention on how tuberculosis affects people with HIV.

According to the researcher, Dr David Mnzinza, although new infections of TB have been reduced in the country, but there is more work needs to be done in the fight against the disease.

The remarks were made during a daylong interaction meeting with the media under Journalist in Residence programme.

According to Dr Mnzinza, 180 out of every 100, 000 individuals in Malawi have TB.
“The statistics are fair as compared to some countries in sub-Saharan region of Africa,” said Dr Mnzinza.

However he said people with HIV are at higher risk of dying of TB.

He therefore expressed the need to understand the connection between the two diseases and how immune system works and compromised.

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