MPs to visit warehouses over fertiliser prices

The Agriculture Committee of Parliament says it plans to visit warehouses to establish the stock of fertiliser that suppliers have in the country.

Chairperson of the Committee Sameer Suleman told Yoneco FM that his Committee would like also to find out when that stock was bought in relation to the current rising of fertiliser prices.

“The aim is that we want to establish what socks we have already in the country and if these stocks are here, what was the cost for bringing in these stocks?

“What we have seen is that yes indeed prices have gone up worldwide but that has happened recently we have noticed that for the past months also prices have jumped up drastically,” said Suleman.

Suleman added that some of the visits will be unannounced in respective warehouses of fertiliser suppliers which the Committee intends to visit.

“We are planning to the visit the warehouses of these suppliers and some of the visits will be unannounced so that surprise them.

“There is some fertiliser that has been in the country from last year which was bought at far much less price than what it is now at an international market,” said Suleman.

A number of stakeholders have been suspecting that the suppliers want to take advantage of the Affordable Inputs Programme (AIP) by introducing exorbitant fertiliser prices.

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