MHEN calls for amicable solutions to water shortages in hospitals

The Malawi Health Equity Network (MHEN) has asked the Southern Region Water Board (SRWB) and Thyolo and Nsanje district hospitals to amicably solve the current misunderstanding on water supply to enhance quality health services.

This comes as SRWB has stopped the two hospitals from using borehole water as it contravenes the Waterworks Act of 1995.

Last week SRWB wrote the two health facilities to stop using water from boreholes saying the law restricts them and since gave them a 45-day ultimatum to stop using the water.

The two health facilities told the local newspaper that they opted for borehole water because the board does not supply them with water all the time.

Commenting on the matter MHEN’s Executive Director, George Jobe, whilst acknowledging the huge water consumptions in hospitals which results in high water bills, said SRWB should consider reducing water tariffs for health facilities so that they can easily afford water at all times.

“Firstly it should be acknowledged that water is very important at a health facility, accessing the water has been a problem and we must also acknowledge that there is huge consumption of water in hospitals which at times leads to high accumulation of water bills,” he said.

Jobe added: “Going to the hospitals and seal the water sources that were drilled is not a good solution. We will engage the two parties involved to solve the matter amicably and explore possible ways if the board could reduce the water tariffs for hospitals as part of corporate social responsibility so that no one suffers to the point of closing down the hospitals due to water shortages.”

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