Govt given seven-day ultimatum to implement thin plastics ban

By Ellen Banda

Youth Mindset Change4 Development (YMCD) has given government a seven-day to bring to book and prosecute all companies which are still manufacturing the banned thin plastic papers.

This follows the continued use of thin plastic papers in the country despite the court order to ban such plastics.

In an interview with YFM, YMCD Executive Director Hope Mughogho said everyone found in possession, use or sell of thin plastic papers they should be fined.

“We have a very big basis that we can rely on, the court order of ban of such plastics and whoever is standing against that we will take them to right authorities,” he said.

“And soon after that order there was a noise on the same from different stakeholders including government institutions but within days that noise has come to the zero, it is now time for Malawians to sustain the court order and we should not do that for days and sit down.”

Mughogho has therefore called on environmental officers in each district to train youths on the dangers of thin plastic papers in our environment.

When asked on the way forward thereafter, Mughogho was quick to say he cannot disclose the way forward if government fails to address their challenges positively saying they will disclose their next step after expiry date of the given days.

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