Green Belt Authority woos investors

By Gertrude Muyaya

As one way of ensuring fast pace in the construction of the K30 billion Illora-Nthola irrigation scheme in Karonga, Greenbelt Authority(GBA) has called on local and international business entities to invest in the project which has been highly affected by low government funding.

According to Greenbelt Authority public relations officer, Maganizo Mazeze, government alone cannot fund the project as it is too expensive hence the need to engage private investors.

“Large scale irrigation requires a colossal capital investment which cannot be achieved by government alone therefore we have engaged potential investors to partner with us in order to implement the project,” Mazeze said.

He said the completion of the scheme will benefit about 14,000 people and bring foreign currency in the country.

An estimation of 15,000 tonnes of rice is expected to be produced annually from the Illora-Nthola irrigation scheme where some will be exported in other countries.

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