CHRR calls for inclusion in decision making positions

Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) called on government to consider inclusion of all people in decision making positions if the country is to achieve democracy.

The remark comes as the Malawi joins the rest of the world in commemorating the International Day of democracy on September 15 which was set by the United Nations in 2007.

According to CHRR executive director Micheal Kaiyatsa, women and people with disabilities need to be included fully in different positions so that they are part of the decision making process.

Kaiyatsa further said some government institutions such as the Anti Corruption Bureau and the Judiciary need to be financially independent to execute their functions better for democracy to materialize.

“In as much as we are doing better as a country on democracy by consistently conducting elections as well asĀ  smooth transition of power still we need to see young people, women and all vulnerable groups included in the decision making process as well as politics, ” he said.

Kaiyatsa added that in as much as the Judiciary, Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) and other government institutions are independent but they still rely on government to support them financially which also possess a threat to democracy.

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