BLM calls for availability of contraceptives

Banja La Mtsogolo (BLM) has called for the availability of modern methods of family planning to every woman who wants them, including young people.

The call was made on September 26 as Malawi joined the global community to commemorate, World Contraception Day.

In a statement BLM described the increase in number of teen pregnancies in the period between January 2020 to date as worrying.

The statement indicates that, a woman’s freedom to choose her own future through family planning has benefits that extend far beyond her own home

It therefore suggests that improving access to contraception would result in millions more girls completing their education, entering the workforce and having the power to make decisions about their own lives and future’s.

Country director for BLM Tenaw Baoke said that everybody wins when women and girls can access contraception safely and easily.

Baoke also noted that it is challenging for younger women to access contraception and information on sexuality as a result, they get unintended pregnancies.

BLM has since called on local health authorities and the government to continue committing and do more to remove barriers to contraception access faced by women and girls.

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