Chakwera opens the Liwonde fertilizer terminal

President Lazarus Chakwera says he is optimistic that the newly opened fertilizer terminal in Liwonde will facilitate the start of Malawi’s production of its own fertilizers.

Chakwera made the comment at the opening of the Liwonde Fertilizer terminal under the private-owned Malawi Fertilizer Company.

“I am pleased that my administration is creating an enabling environment for the private sector to make such significant investments,” he said.

“Chakwera said the terminal is not only beneficial to farmers but will boost the economy of the country by among others bringing in forex once it starts exporting fertilizer.”

He also mentioned that the fertilizer terminal aligns with the pillar on industrialization which is in the Malawi 2063 vision.

Nonetheless he appealed to proprietors of the terminal to ensure they are using the terminal to produce fertilizer and not to import fertilizer and sell it to farmers at exorbitant prices.

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