Kalindo demos funding source disrupts Parliament   

Tempers flared in Parliament on Friday after Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Thyolo central legislator, Ben Phiri, asked government Chief Whip Kezzie Msukwa to withdraw or bring evidence on sentiments he made on Thursday that Phiri was funding demonstrations organised by former UTM national director of youth, Bon Kalindo.  

According to Msukwa, Phiri was discussing with a fellow member on funding the protests that took place on Friday in Blantyre.

In an interview, Msukwa said he had information that organisers of the demonstrations requested extra funds from Phiri to fulfil their planned demonstrations.

Msukwa said: “Thyolo central legislator had information that the person who was funding the protests was being requested by the organisers for extra funds so that they can sustain the demonstrations in Blantyre and that the sponsor is a high ranked member of DPP.”

But reacting to the allegations, Phiri distanced himself saying he was not in any way party to the demonstrations.

“It’s not true, there was no way I would stand and fund the demonstrations because I know how destructive they would be as much as it is a right.

“So because it’s a House of records, that’s why I asked him either to provide evidence or withdraw the statement,” Phiri said.

Later, Msukwa withdrew his remarks after being requested by the second deputy speaker, Aisha Adams, to bring evidence on the matter.

In another development, Dowa west lawmaker, Abel Kayembe, faced a standing order 105 and was sent out of the chamber by the second deputy speaker for disorderly conduct and was ordered to return into the house on Monday afternoon.

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