CDEDI condemns ‘MCP terror’

The Center for Development and Economic Initiatives (CDEDI) has challenged the Malawi Congress Party and Police to public condemn what the human right lobby organisation is calling threats to democratic values.

The call follows video clips purportedly from Msundwe making rounds on various social media platforms threatening to deal with comedian-cum-politician Bon Kalindo who is scheduled to lead protests in Lilongwe this week.

According to CDEDI Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa, the youth in the country should not to be used by politicians to perpetrate violence.

“While CDEDI is condemning such acts of violence in strongest terms, it is challenging the youth in the country not to be used to perpetrate violence, rather they should strive to be agents of change to the Malawi we all want,” said Namiwa in a statement.

“It is against this background that CDEDI is calling upon President Chakwera to publicly condemn the barbaric acts in Blantyre, and distance his party from them.”

Namiwa has also called upon Police the Inspector General (IG) of Police to bring back the lost trust in the law enforcing agency by doing things differently.

“Similarly, Dr. George Kainja promised to bring back the lost trust in the police by, also, doing things differently. However, the ugly scenes in Blantyre have brought back bad memories of criminals who were licensed to beat up and hack others in full view of the police,” reads the statement.

“It is, therefore, very disheartening to note that more than five days after the uncalled-for acts of violence, there has not been any public statement from the police about the events in Blantyre.”

But in its reaction, the MCP says the Party is yet to officially receive the statement.

“No have not yet received that letter from CDEDI as you are pointing out, should that letter reach our office, the Party is going to sit down and respond, otherwise we are moving on as a Party and we don’t want to be speaking on speculations,” said Reverend Maurice Munthali, MCP spokesperson.

“As things are just on the social media as a spokesperson I cannot be speaking on things that are just in the social media, we are a big Party we should not be speaking on things that are in the media, how many things are you to seeing in the media?

Meanwhile, Police Spokesperson James Kadadzera has asked for more time before commenting on the matter.

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