High cost of living worries religious leaders

Religious leaders under the banner, National Repentance Malawi (NRM), have joined other institutions and individuals to voice out their deep concern over the current rising cost of living among Malawians.

Addressing the media in Blantyre, NRM Coordinator, Reverend Dr Edward Mikwamba, said Malawi is no longer the warm heart of Africa as it was was well known during the Kamazu Banda regime.

He said most of the country’s leaders are involved in corruption, nepotism and political intolerance a development which has crippled the country economically.

He said: “Look at our leaders, they are busy acting childishly pulling each other down while Malawians are suffering on the the ground.

“We have seen the depreciation of kwacha, political quagmires and bickering, Malawians disjointing in churches, political parties fighting and many challenges.”

He further bemoaned rising cases of suicide saying there is need for a devine intervention.

“We have seen people especially breadwinners giving up in life to suicide, people killing each eacher, people burning each other’s houses,” he said.

Reverend Dr Mikwamba has therefore said the only solution to restore the country’s glory is through asking God’s intervention and NRM, in partnership with Pastors Peacemakers Fraternal and Mercy Tent Congregation Ministries, have organised a 40 day repentance season for Malawi from Sunday in Chiradzulu district.

The first NRM national call for people to repent was held in 2014 when the country’s economy was at the verge of collapse and there was also a heavy drought.

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