All secondary school students to have science books – ministry

Government has disclosed that it intends to distribute science books to students in secondary schools across the country.

Minister of Education Agnes NyaLonje disclosed this in parliament saying that over one million science text books are already in the country.

Said NyaLonje: “We will be distributing very soon what I can’t give right now is the actual plan as to when it will actually start, but we will be distributing very soon.”

“Because these books, make no mistake, they are in the country and it’s a very historic moment, it has never happened before that there one-to-one ratio of text book to learner.”

NyaLonje added that her ministry will soon commence distribution exercise of the text books of the readily available books.

“So, my ministry is very keen to distribute as soon as we sought out the programme, you will know about it, because we feel it is our equivalent going to the moon so you will hear about, it`s big news for us,” she said.

“All leaners across the country`s secondary schools will have a book of their own so Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology, every leaner will have from Form 1 to 4.”

According to NyaLonje, government spent over K2 billion to procure the said over one million text books mid this year.

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