Government geared for climate adaptive schools

The Ministry of Education says it is working in collaboration with the Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) in repairing school blocks that have been damaged due to heavy rains.

According to the responsible Minister Agnes NyaLonje, much as DoDMA is responsible for repairing such damaged schools, her ministry comes in with statistics and resource mobilisation.
She said:

“That situation is normally addressed through DoDMA side of the government, what my ministry does is to collect all the statistics about damaged schools as they are being damaged and to make sure we make a case for allocation of resources for us to address the challenge,” said NyaLonje.

“Long term, what we are looking at is how we can help to strengthen the kind of building that we are building under the leading school project.”

NyaLonje however disclosed that government is working on constructing schools that are adaptive to the current trends of climate change.

“We are looking at making our schools climate adaptive which is a school that’s well constructed that has woodlot as well as fruit orchard,” said NyaLonje.

“Because we recognise that a school that is exposed with no vegetation is a school that is ready to be blown off and as climate change hits us, we will get more and more not less of these events.”

According NyaLonje, there is need to mobilise more resources and search around innovative solutions towards addressing challenges that climate change has brought with.

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