Funding woes choke 2021 TIP fight

Stakeholders in the fight against Trafficking in Persons (TIP) have described the year 2021 as a mixed bag on the country’s efforts in dealing with the vice. 

According to Malawi Network Against Trafficking (MNAT) national coordinator, Caleb Thole, it is during the year 2021 where Malawi has registered a significant rise in cases to do with TIP.

He said: “We have seen some forms of new diversion on TIP where we suspect that there are also gang groups that are engaged in organ transplant for people.”

“We have also seen increase especially on people who have been trafficked from Malawi to other countries but also we have seen increase of people who have been trafficked from other countries to Malawi,” said Thole.

Thole added that much as there has been concerted efforts in dealing with rising trend, there is need to step up such collaboration if the country it to win the fight.

“There is now high level of awareness of TIP within Malawi because we have seen people and people have been reporting on the same so I believe that people are now coming aware on TIP,” said Thole.

He also called upon authorities to invest funds that will assist on provision of required resources among relevant stakeholders.

“We have said that K500 million would be better for the TIP fund, what we are saying is that the police, immigration and officers at the Ministry of Labour should have funding for this work,” said Thole.

“They should not rely on partners for resources, they should be able to own their own to do their job, that’s what we call government commitment, but if that is not happening and we are waiting for partners to support that then it leaves that as if ministry is doing nothing.”

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