Over 100 calabash systems established for rainwater harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting Association of Malawi (RHAM) says it has developed calabash systems across the country aimed at harvesting water during the current rainy season.

The association chairperson, MacPherson Nthara, said they have managed to come up with more than 100 calabash systems since July, 2021.

According to Nthara, the reservoirs can keep between 5000 to 20000 liters of water.

Nthara said: “As an association we have been holding massive campaigns to promote water harvesting technologies since July by coming up with a number of demonstrations including the calabash systems.”

He further said apart from utilizing the water harvesting systems for agriculture production purposes, the initiative also helps to reduce risks of water floods as a result of heavy rains.

Furthermore, he urged all the people from both rural and urban areas to adopt ways of harvesting and keeping rainwater.

“Let me urge all the people to always harvest rainwater whenever it falls around their households and also in the fields for agriculture use,” he said.

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