Youth-led organisation bemoans trade bottlenecks

My Community My Responsibility, a youth-led charity organisation, has lamented challenges that young Malawian entrepreneurs are facing.

Speaking at a news conference in Lilongwe, the Organisation’s executive director Brian Khembo said young entrepreneurs in the country are finding it harder to have business licenses to run their businesses.

He noted: “In Malawi, a lot of young people would want to venture into businesses but there is always a problem when it comes to sourcing capital which is the main important aspect in any business venture.

Most institution give young entrepreneurs mentorship and capacity building but they fail to give them resources to start up their businesses.”

Khembo stressed on the need for authorities to create a conducive environment that will ensure equal access to business licenses and regulations by young entrepreneurs.

“The government should take a leading role in making sure that it guides the youth in decision making programmes and also make sure that all the programmes pertaining to the youth are well monitored and sustained,” Khembo said.

The Organisation said it will soon conduct a solidarity march in Lilongwe aiming at petitioning President Lazarus Chakwera to address challenges that young people are facing in the country.

“Henceforth, the organisation will also have a solidarity march from Lilongwe Community to the Parliament Building to present a petition to the president Lazarus Chakwera through the Minister of Youth Chimwendo Banda to address the concerns that the youth are facing in the country,” Khembo said.

In addition, MCMRO observed that a lot of businesses are being run by politicians which it says makes it impossible for young entrepreneurs to penetrate into the business sector since for one to run businesses, they are supposed to be affiliated or should be in support of a certain political party.

With this behaviour, the Organisation notes that young entrepreneurs who are just new comers into businesses find it so challenging to access loans and the like.

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