Inspectorate calls for utilisation of inmates

Prison authorities have reiterated on the need for the country to utilise prisoners on various roles and responsibilities.

Prison Inspectorate Chairperson Kennam Manda has told Yoneco FM that inmates have various skills which when utilised can assist in developing the nation.

According to Manda, there is an opportunity to turn the country’s prisons into correctional centers.

The Chairperson says for so long, prisons have been seen as confinement centers unlike places where inmates can be rehabilitated.

Said Manda: “The opportunity to make the prisons into correction centres is still there because it’s not only about the confinement of the prisoners in terms of confinement.

“Yes, we are saying the spaces that we have now in the prisons that we have now are very small to accommodate the population.”

Manda notes that the inmates are skilled in various ways which when utilised well, the country can positively benefit.

He added that when prisoners are providing their services to the public, a special fund can be established which can assist both the prisons and inmates who can have a capital once completing service their respective sentences.

The chairperson has cited Zomba Central Prison as an example where they are skilled tailors who can provide their services to the public.

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