Graft fight needs concerted approach – YAS

Youth and Society (YAS) has reiterated on the need for collaborative efforts if Malawi is to fight against graft.

YAS executive director Charles Kajoloweka has told Yoneco FM that much as different institutions are fighting corruption in various sectors, such efforts need to be executed in a concerted approach.

He said: “For us to dismantle organised corruption in government particularly, we need to increase the cost of corruption on individuals and culprits that indulge into corruption.

“For a long time, we have been failing to make serious sanctions against individuals and that has created a conducive environment for the perpetrators and would be perpetrators.”

According to the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), the National Anti-Corruption Strategy II (NACS II) is a blueprint for Malaŵi’s aspirations for a corruption-free society.

The Bureau understands that by taking a holistic approach, NACS II allows all sectors to participate in the fight against corruption.

Kajoloweka added that there is need to double the cost of corruption on individuals and would be perpetrators.

“The day we increase the cost of corruption on individuals and the corporates, we will make significant strides in uprooting corruption in public service.

“Those that are in the public service must make sure that those implicated we really take decisive action against them, that’s why it is also important that we engage the Judiciary on judicial accountability,” said Kajoloweka.

NACS II provides a new framework for fighting corruption through the pursuit of three strategic goals of improving service delivery, strengthening the rule of law and promoting a culture of integrity.

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