War crimes suspect flee amid chaos in Sudan

A former Sudanese politician wanted for alleged crimes against humanity has said that he and other former officials are no longer in jail – following reports of a break-out.

According to the BBC, Ahmad Harun was among those being held in Kober prison in the capital Khartoum who are facing charges by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

A ceasefire between fighting military factions largely appears to be holding.

But there are doubts about both parties’ commitment to a lasting peace.

The conflict – which began on 15 April – arose from a bitter power struggle between the leaders of Sudan’s regular army and a rival paramilitary group.

Reports emerged earlier this week of a prison break at Kober – where Ahmad Harun was serving a sentence alongside Omar al-Bashir, Sudan’s former president.

On Tuesday, Harun confirmed in a statement aired on Sudan’s Tayba TV that he and other fellow former officials who served under Bashir had left the jail – but said he would be ready to appear before the judiciary whenever it was functioning.

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