Boy killed by dogs in Lilongwe

A four-year-old boy has died after being bitten by two vicious dogs in Lilongwe, YONECO FM has learnt.

The dogs—two German shepherds—also attacked the boy’s mother and 7-year-old brother, leaving them injured.

The attack happened Monday at Mwera Village in Chitipi.

“On the fateful day, the boy, identified as Vincent Mphaso, and his elder brother were following their mother to the dog cage.

“The mother, Chifundo Mphaso, who was unaware of her children behind her, let her boss’s dogs out, leading to a tragic moment,” said Sub Inspector Foster Benjamin, Deputy Public Relations Officer for Lilongwe Police Station.

The beasts immediately mauled the boys, killing one, injuring the other and the mother in her rescue efforts.

Chitipi Police Unit detectives took the body and two victims to Kamuzu Central Hospital for postmortem and treatment, respectively.

The deceased came from Ndakwa Village Traditional Authority Simphasi in Mchinji District.

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