NWRA issues over 4000 licenses

The National Water Resources Authority (NWRA) says it has issued over four thousand licenses and effluent discharge permits across the country.

The development follows a 90-day ultimatum, which the Authority issued for individuals and institutions to register their boreholes and apply permit for affluent discharge before 24th November 2023.

Briefing Dowa’s extraordinary District Executive Committee (DEC) on Wednesday about the Authority’s mandate, NWRA spokesperson Masozi Kasambala said Council authorities play critical towards ensuring smooth enforcement of the Water Resources Act of 2013.

“Companies are not supposed to drill without getting a license from NWRA, and so is with the Council, Dowa District Council.

“For example, it is not supposed to allow any driller who has no certification from the Authority. Otherwise, that will be illegal,” said Kasambala.

He added that councils are not supposed to allow drilling companies that are not certified by the Authority.

Kasambala said: “Basically, our interaction with the Council is to enhance our relationship, to remind the Council of its responsibilities to ensure that all water-related activities developments that come in the district must not be undertaken without touching base with the Authority.”

Among other powers, NWRA is mandated by law to develop principles, guidelines and procedures for the allocation of water resources, to monitor, and from time to time reassess, the National Water Policy and the National Water Resources Master Plan, to receive and determine applications for permits for water use, and to monitor and enforce conditions attached to permits for water use.

On his part, Dowa District Director of Planning and Development (DPD) Yusuf Laki has assured that Authority that the Council will exercise its mandated power in ensuring that regulations by NWRA are complied.

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