BLM talks health to UNIMA students

As University of Malawi (UNIMA) students took a break from classes and laborious studying over the weekend, Banja La M’tsogolo (BLM) grasped the opportunity to spread messages of sexual reproductive health and rights to the academia.

In the midst of fun and an Amapiano dominated playlist on full blast, the students visited the BLM stand in singles and doubles to ask a question or two about SRH and related topics with others getting services of their choices.

YFM interacted with Tawonga Mtambo, Client Contact Centre Agent for Banja La Mtsogolo who acknowledged that young people are constantly engaged in sexual practices and there is a need to reach out to them with services that can safeguard their future.

“It is very important that we are here to provide the students with right messages about SRH and share the dangers that come with unprotected sex as regards the impact on their education and health.

“As BLM, we partner with organizers of different festivals and events like the Social Weekend to physically reach out to the youth who would benefit from our services and secure their future in the long run,” Mtambo said.

She added that apart from the open space that her organization provides to the youth during events, there are also other platforms like Facebook and toll free lines where clients can interact with BLM counselors and have their SRH and family planning issues sorted in private.

Clad in his full sports gear was John Sam, a final year student in Communication and Cultural Studies applauded BLM for the on-campus initiative saying as students they have limited time to visit health centres for SRH services because of the tight academic schedules.

“The services are on point and convenient for us as students. Information on SHR and contraceptives may sometimes be complex to comprehend but is it all made easy with face to face interactions like we are having today with BLM professionals,” Sam said.

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