Ministry in talks over enrolling students evacuated from Sudan

Ministry of Education says it is working on finding solutions regarding students who were studying in war-torn Sudan and are back in Malawi.

The students, who were studying at different Sudanese universities were evacuated back to Malawi following a war that erupted in the northeast African war-torn nation.

According to Chairperson of the Malawi Students Union at the International University of Africa in Khartoum Steven Chilengalenga, the students, who are over 80, requested government to enroll them into the country’s public universities to complete their studies.

Whilst acknowledging receiving the request in July this year, Ministry of Education spokesperson Mphatso Nkuonera said authorities are currently working with different stakeholders on how to assist the students.

He said: “We have received media queries regarding the position of the ministry on students who were studying in Sudan. But due to wars being fought there, the students were evacuated from Sudan to home country, Malawi.

“The Ministry of Education is working on finding solutions to the issue, with all the stakeholders involved.”

A week after arrival, Chilengalenga said most of the students had remained with only three months whilst others just a semester to graduate after staying in Sudan for about seven years.

Chilengalenga added that some students were only waiting for their degrees to be issued.

Matthias Nkonjo, bursary officer at the Islamic Zakaat Fund – an organisation administering the students’ tuition, said the Fund has completed re-registering the students and is still negotiating with the government on the enrollment request.

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