Aviation Authority operationalisation delay drags on

Parliament says it is worried about the Ministry of Transport and Public Works’ delays in establishing a Civil Aviation Authority.

The displeasure follows elapsing of over six years since the enactment the Civil Aviation Act of 2017 which, among others, provided for the establishment of the Authority in order to ensure the control, regulation and orderly development of civil aviation in Malawi to foster safe, sustainable development and security of civil aviation.

Commenting on the delay, principal secretary responsible for administration in the Ministry Madalo Nyambose said the establishment is holding up due to financial constraints.

But reacting to the development, Enock Phale, who chairs the Parliamentary Committee on Transport and Public Infrastructure Chairperson said the overdue delay is a serious cause of concern in as far aviation safety is concerned.

“We would have loved as a committee to see that these resources are directly injected to the Authority so that at least they have their own work plans and then they grow.

“Because this is a regulator which would like to see some of aviation challenges that are in the country so that one, we would have loved really, if we can see the resources art going in directly to this Authority,” said Phale.

The Act, which was assented to by former President Peter Mutharika in August 2017, provide for civil aviation matters and give effect to the Chicago Convention and related conventions.

Once established, the Authority shall regulate and be responsible for the safety, security, economic and technical oversight of civil aviation in Malawi generally.

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