Government decries unruly students 

Authorities have lamented continued rise in number of indiscipline cases involving students across the country’s schools.

Speaking yesterday in Lilongwe during the commemoration of the International Day of Education, deputy minister of education Nancy Chaola Mdooko said the Ministry has received a lot of issues emanating from schools that ended in conflicts, violence and loss of property.

She said: “This is an indication that we are not living in peaceful environments. We need to bang heads together and find out and fix what has gone wrong in our schools.

“And this is not a one person’s affair, all stakeholders should be involved namely parents, chiefs, school administrators, teachers and learners themselves.”

Chaola Mdooko said authorities are greatly concerned with such developments because they are derailing the process of education in schools.

The deputy education minister added there in need for concerted efforts towards maintaining discipline and order across the country`s schools.

“Property is being damaged and it takes a lot of time and resources to fix the damages; learning time is being affected as we have been forced to close some schools to bring sanity in the institutions.

“Some children’s future is completely doomed as they are expelled permanently from school due to their unruly behavior,” said Chaola Mdooko.

She has since called for establishment of positive school environment so that can encourage self-discipline and prevent discipline problems and use of positive discipline approaches to help the students understand what wrong they have done and mould them to become better learners.

The day was commemorated under the theme: “Learning for Lasting Peace.”

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