CFTC cautions against consumption of peanut butter ice cream

The Competition and Fair-Trading Commission (CFTC) has warned people in the country against purchasing and consuming Peanut Butter Ice Cream manufactured by Woolworths Proprietary Limited.

The warning follows a decision by the South African company to recall the product on the market due to presence of high level of aflatoxins.

According to media statement issued by Executive Director Lloyds Vincent Nkhoma, despite a snap survey conducted by the Commission did not find the subject product on the market, traders are advised not to sell the recalled product, if they have it in stock.

Nkhoma said: “It is reported that Woolworths took precautionary measures and assessed its products that contain peanut butter such as biscuits, sauces, pretzels, energy bars, and ice cream to ensure that its products meet required quality standards.

“As a result, it was found that Woolworths Peanut Butter Ice Cream contains aflatoxin levels that exceed the legal limit.”

The recalled product (Peanut Butter Dairy Ice Cream 2L), SKU 6009211273436 is manufactured in South Africa and distributed by Woolworths South Africa (Midrand).

Nkhoma has also advised consumers to take necessary precaution not to purchase or consume Peanut Butter Ice Cream.

“In light of the communication on the recall, CFTC on February 29, 2024, conducted a snap survey in the country’s main shops to establish whether the product was available but did not find the subject product on the market.

“CFTC is also advising consumers to take necessary precaution not to purchase or consume the said product. Furthermore, CFTC advises consumers to return any such products to their suppliers and get a full refund if they purchased the same,” said Nkhoma.

Aflatoxins are a family of toxins produced by fungi that are found on agricultural crops such as maize, peanuts, cotton seed, and tree nuts. Large doses of aflatoxins can lead to acute poisoning and can damage the liver.

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