Govt disburses K266m to Nkhotakota flood survivors

Government says it has provided K266 million worth relief items to people affected by floods in Nkhotakota.

Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA), spokesperson Chipiliro Khamula told YONECO FM that as of Thursday, an updated preliminary report from the district council states that over 14, 000 people have been affected.

Khamula also disclosed that the death toll has risen from six to seven as the search and rescue team (SAR) led by the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) continues.

Said Khamula: “An Inter-agency Team is conducting detailed assessments to establish impacts of the floods in various sectors and determine sector-specific needs in affected areas.

“Meanwhile, the search and rescue (SAR) team led by the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) continues to undertake their operations. Among other interventions, the team is ferrying humanitarian workers and relief items to and fro areas inaccessible by roads.”

He added that the affected people are still in need of relief items as majority are displaced.

“Government, through DoDMA, has provided K266,780,000.00-worth relief items which include 1,050 bags of maize, 413 bags of maize flour, 30 bags of beans, 20,000 plates, 1,000 pails, 10 family tents, 109 packs of ready-made food, 3,400 blankets and 14 bags of clothes.

However, the council emphasises that affected people are still in need of the following items: maize flour, soya pieces, beans, usipa, salt, sugar, chlorine, plastic sheets, Likuni Phala, cooking oil, blankets, buckets, plates, cups, dignity kits and tents.

According to DoDMA, 14,796 people have been affected; out of which 9,925 (4,321 males and 5,604 females) have been displaced and are living in 12 camps established in Traditional Authorities (TAs) Mphonde and Kanyenda.

The camps are also hosting vulnerable groups like 1, 638 under-five children, 287 pregnant women, 305 lactating mothers, 46 people with disabilities and 82 elderly persons.

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