Karonga by-elections campaign wraps up March 24

The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) says campaign for the March 26, 2024, Local Government by-election in Rukuru, Kaporo and Chilanga Wards, ends tomorrow Sunday, at 6.00AM.

In a statement, MEC Chief Elections Officer Andrew Mpesi said it is a violation of the law to campaign outside this period and all those found guilty will face the due process of law.

“Candidates and their supporters or agents will not be allowed to campaign or drive around hooting or playing campaign songs with loudspeakers or disseminating any campaign messages.

“After this deadline no one will be allowed to go around soliciting, canvassing or posturing for votes, either directly or indirectly,” said Mpesi.

He added that leaders of various faith groups should be on guard to ensure that their worship services are not used for campaign purposes.

The three Karonga wards became vacant upon the conviction of three councillors by the Magistrate’s Court sitting at Karonga on September 1, 2023.

The three councillors were convicted of offences involving dishonesty which automatically rendered the seats vacant and according to Sections 23 and 47 of the Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government Elections Act.

The Commission is obliged to conduct by-elections so that the electorate continue to enjoy representation in the council.

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