Experts decry lack of inclusive education policy

Lack of policy on inclusive education is said to be negatively affecting the implementation of education for all in the country.

Pamodzi for inclusive education in South-East Africa project (PIESEA) Program Director; Kamwana Muyaya, said this on the sidelines of the project’s cross learning event in Zomba on Friday.

According to Muyaya, the project in conjunction with the Ministry of Education has come up with a policy on inclusive education and are waiting on Parliament to ratify it.

The cross-learning event brought together community champions from Chikala and Namatapa zones who shared experiences and challenges faced in advocating for inclusive education.

Village head Chipeta, Traditional Authority Chikowi, Jeniffer Katete said the project has immensely help ensure that children with disabilities in her area, are not denied a chance to education by providing advocacy and support.

The PIESEA pilot project started in September and will run through May 2024 and is being implemented in Zomba, Mchinji, Mzimba, Lilongwe and Dowa districts.

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