High Court adjourns Rwandese murder case

By Emmanuel Yokonia

The High Court in Lilongwe on Wednesday postponed abruptly hearing of a murder case involving Giramata Gentile, ex-wife of late businessman Noel Emile Habimana.

Rwandese nationals, Giramata and Rafiq Mungamagayi are prime suspects in the murder of Habimana on October 10, 2022.

The premature adjournment followed a request by the defense for additional submissions before proceeding with the testimony of Andrew Mwale, a senior clinical officer at Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH).

Defense lawyer Khumbo Soko, said the state failed to provide an autopsy authorization document, making the autopsy which the medics did illegal.

Soko argued that it’s unlawful to continue with the state witness testimony since the autopsy was conducted illegally.

Earlier, KCH data entry clerk, Joseph Banda testified that the accused person (Gilamata Gentile) was referred to KCH by Deayang Hospital, but she had no referral letter.

Banda said he found this strange because as per requirement, the patient being referred to another hospital is accompanied with a patient management form and referral letter.

He, however, said he continued recording the patient because it was emergency.

Senior state advocate, Dzikondianthu Malunda told YFM outside the courtroom that he will furnish the defense with the required document on June 10, 2024.

Malunda further said the state was ready to parade ten witnesses in the case.

Presiding judge Bruno Kalemba adjourned the case to June 12, 2024, for continuation of hearing.

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