Political detainees set to hold vigil at Parliament

Political detainees during the one party regime of Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda are set to present their petition to Parliament on Thursday and later on hold a vigil to force government to compensate them.

The chairperson of Former Returnees and Ex-Detainees Association of Malawi Sangwani Mkandawire said only elites such as politicians and well known people were compensated.

Mkandawire added that government is not doing anything after the National Tribunal committee which the United Democratic Front (UDF) established in 1996 to 2006 ended prematurely leaving deserving victims who lost their properties, detained without reasons and chased out of the country with nothing.

“After presented another petition last week, we thought of conducting a solidarity match from Kamuzu Central Hospital roundabout to parliament to present another petition as well as to hold a vigil near parliament building from Thursday,” said Mkandawire.

He added that it was sad that government compensated the disbanded notorious Malawi Young Pioneers (MYPs) who were responsible for their fate in terms of killings, torture, property grabbing and all sorts of evil.

Recently the Ombudsman Martha Chizuma met the parliamentary legal committee where among others they asked the committee to take to task government to comply with her ruling to compensate the victims.

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