Govt appeals for concerted efforts on concrete blocks

In a bit to conserve the environment, government has appealed for concerted efforts in ensuring that the country migrates away from use of burnt bricks to cement blocks.

The plea follows the continuous use of burnt bricks by most quarters in the construction industry in the face of government`s several attempts to end the longstanding environmental challenge.

Spokesperson in the Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining Sangwani Phiri told YFM that there is need for awareness and mindset set change for people to walk the talk in conserving environment.

“Enforcement is through mindset for people to appreciate the need to fight along with government in the sense that they [people] start implementing kind of approach that the government is implementing,” Phiri said.

He has however called for the National Construction Industry Council of Malawi to intervene to ensure that they pray a crucial role in safeguarding the need for the country, especially the construction industry, to completely migrate to cement blocks.

“The challenge can be combated by bringing concerted efforts from concerned stakeholders involved like what we have on the ground the National Construction Industry Council of Malawi (NCIC) which can play a big role in making sure that their stakeholders can tackle the challenge in no time,” Phiri said.

Meanwhile, government has already started the migration by banning the use of burnt brinks in all government projects.

Over 20 million trees have been planted since the onset of tree planting season in the country.

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