MCP endorses CSOs vigil as DPP appeals for peace

The opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has endorsed next week’s vigils against Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Justice Jane Ansah. 

The Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has organised the vigils on the 4th and 5th July to force Ansah to resign for allegedly failing to manage credible elections.

Addressing a news conference in Lilongwe, Secretary General for MCP Eisenhower Mkaka said the party will not relent on Ansah’s adamance to step down.

“We would wish as Malawi Congress Party, Peoples Party, Freedom Party to endorse the 4 and 5 July demonstration,” said Mkaka.

He also sent an appeal to the international community to ask for a dossier from President Mutharika for alleged two opposition leaders with their link to the militant armed group Al Shabaab.

“We are calling upon the international community to ask Peter Mutharika to give them a file on the Al Shabaab links to two political leaders in Malawi,” added Mkaka.

In a separate press briefing, the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has condemned the rising cases of post-election violence in the country.

According to the party’s spokesperson Nicholas Dausi, the country’s peace is being compromised by riots taking place in some parts of the nation.

“We appeal to the opposition political parties, Civil Society Organizations, and all people of goodwill should preach the message of peace, let us wait on what the court will say,” he said.

Dausi said the Party is committed in ensuring that the country maintains peace at all cost despite political tension.

“As DPP we would like to assure the Malawi nation that we will be able to confine the Party as a peaceful Party, and no vengeance, and that we will make sure that life and property are protected and Malawians live peacefully for the development of the country,” Dausi said.

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