Bushiri released on bail

The Senior Resident Magistrate Viva Nyimba in Lilongwe has released self-acclaimed Prophet Shepherd Bushiri together with his wife Mary unconditionally.

The fugitive offenders handled themselves at Area 30 Police Headquarters in Lilongwe yesterday following a warrant of arrest issued by the South African Government.

Delivering his ruling, Nyimba said the arrest of the two was illegal and as there was no warrant of arrest issued by the Malawi Government and the Court has since adjourned the matter sine die.

In an interview after the Court ruling, Prophet Bushiri said his unconditional release is a victory as he has been facing injustice whilst in the Rainbow Nation.

”It has been amazing to be here I am back home in Malawi, I came back home because I believe in our country there is a Constitution, I have come here looking for the Constitutional help that protects citizens.

I have opened cases against people in South Africa; the police officers who have been arresting me, a lot of death threats, I have survived death attempts and also extortion, it is so disappointing that the government of South Africa is not commenting anything about these people I opened case against,” said the self-styled Prophet Bushiri.

When asked about his assents being forfeited by the South African Government Bushiri says that does not matter as long as his life is safe.

“My right to life is more better than any other asset in the world,” confidently responded Bushiri.

In its application, the State told the Court that the two accused should not be granted court bail and be remanded for 30 days pending further application of their extradition to South Africa.

The couple controversially arrived in Malawi on Wednesday last week in the name of seeking refuge after facing alleged multiple death threats and what they described as unfair justice in South Africa.

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