Parliament rejects pregnancy bill

Parliament has rejected a motion to deliberate on the much-awaited Termination of Pregnancy Bill.

The motion, which was supposed to be deliberated today Thursday as indicated on the Order Paper, saw its way out after members from both side vehemently dismissed it.

In an interview, parliamentarian for Mwanza Central Nicholas Dausi said the rejection of the Motion has just vindicated how conservative a Malawi society is.

“According to conscious and moral authority of an MP, the Bill on Abortion is illegal and is killing, even the Church’s teaching they say a human being is there from time of conception.

“And there is no two way about it, people must respect the right to life and I think members did the right thing to deny it not even to allow it to be tabled in the House,” said Dausi.

On its part, government through leader of the House Richard Chimwendo Banda said he hopes the Bill will not resurface again in the House following members reaction on rejecting it.

“I am glad that the whole House rejected so we hope that this motion will not come back, if he intends to bring it again, I think you have seen ideally that it was the whole House rejecting it,” said Chimwendo Banda.

Attempts to hear from owner of the Bill Chiradzulu West legislator Dr Matthews Ngwale yielded nothing as he reportedly left the House immediately after the motion was rejected and he did not pick our phone calls after several attempts.

Earlier today, concerned youth in support of the Bill stormed to the House where they were rejected entry on Covid-19 restrictions basis.

“As youth and of course young women we need to be heard, otherwise our voices aren’t being heard despite this Bill concerning our life greatly and it’s a matter of public health because many women are dying and nobody seems to care,” said Taonga Msowoya, one of the concerned youth.

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