Sporting activities can resume – MoE

Ministry of Education has given a greenlight to learning institutions to resume sporting activities.

This follows the easing of Covid-19 restrictions by the Ministry of Health which were announced on Friday 8 October.

According to the guidelines, all indoor sporting activities should not exceed 100 people and for outdoor activities 250 are allowed to attend provided they observe social distance of at least one meter between persons.

A statement from the ministry outlines new guidelines for the prevention of Covid-19 that learning institutions should follow when conducting sporting activities.

Other guidelines include the provision of Covid-19 information as released by the ministry of health by the learning institutions to the athletes and sports officials.

Institutions have also been asked to ensure availability of handwashing facilities, sanitisers and thermometers at the training and competition sites.

The guidelines also prohibit people from shaking hands, or hugging to celebrate achievements during and after events.

Issues of travelling to and from affected areas or schools are also unacceptable according to the guidelines.

Asides providing networking opportunities, activities in learning institutions assist learners to stay fit.

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