“C is for Purple”

The original seven wonders of the world were listed down by historian Herodotus and Crypto from Cyrene, “the Light House in Alexandria” is one of them. Don’t be confused but dancehall sensation, Purple C, is a wonder of music, and his newly released album titled “OX” is an undisputed testimony.

Not only has the album been welcomed with the utmost of cheers, it has also garnered favourable reviews from fans. This is promising considering that it is his second after his debut five-tracked mix-tape titled “random intentions”, a project that accommodated the hit tune; “Hot like a sun”.

The artist, born Albert Makhalimero, has featured with the likes of Trumel, Eddie and Bromyn. He also has other good tunes namely “Day ones”, “Heart”, Not today, Champion and Party starter.

Abstract Record Label contracted artist, is influenced musically by Peter Tosh and Bob Marley. Apart from releasing more singles, Purple C is currently working with artists from all over the world.


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