Electoral reforms bill to be tabled Thursday

There are chances that the electoral reforms bill will be presented in Parliament on Thursday by Lilongwe South Parliamentarian Peter Dimba.

The bill which is on winding stage, is appearing on Thursday’s private members business.

There have been worries from opposition Members of Parliament that the Government side is deliberately delaying the tabling of the bill.

Member of Parliament for Lilongwe South Peter Dimba told YFM online that he is expected to wind up the debate on the bill which most of the government legislatures are not in agreement with.

“This bill has been resuscitated on the stage which it was which the winding stage is and then we will go into the committee stage,” Dimba explained.

Earlier on Wednesday afternoon opposition Members of Parliament still raised their concern on the matter.

Kasungu Central Parliamentarian Amon Nkhata questioned the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Sam Tembenu to explain Government’s stand on the issue but the Minister said he will respond on his convenience.

Nkhata said: “We are not happy with the elusiveness that the DPP government is showing the people of this country, we find that statement by the Minister very absurd.”

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