Government to address caregiver’s grievances

Government says it is working towards addressing the issue of honorarium for caregivers in the country.

The comment has been made as Malawi is commemorating Early Childhood Development (ECD)week, from 20 to 25 November.

In an interview with YFM online Minister of gender, children, disability and social welfare Dr Jean Kalirani said Government is aware of the challenges which caregivers are facing in the provision of ECD services and will respond to them.

“I would like to recognize the role which caregivers play in the provision of ECD services, I know that they do not receive any penny despite them being key players.We are currently developing an ECD policy  and this payment issue has also been included,”said Kalirani.

The Minister also called on all stakeholders to ensure that children with disabilities, those living with HIV as well as the less priviledged ones access ECD services without being stigmatized.

“All children should be accorded an opportunity to access ECD services regardless of their status. I am appealing to all implementing partners to ensure they reach out to every child out there with ECD services because the first years of a child’s life are very crucial as such we should invest in them.”

Implementing partners for ECD in Malawi include,the Association of Early childhood Development, Unicef, Save the Children, World Vision International.

This year, Malawi is commemorating ECD week under the theme, “Accelerate,accessible,quality and equitable ECD services for all children”.

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