Trachoma source and learners books developed

Heart to Heart Foundation in collaboration with the Malawi Institute of Education (MIE) have developed Trachoma Source and Leaner Activity books for primary school pupils and teachers to assist in raising awareness of Trachoma in the country.

Alex Chiumya, MIE Trachoma Awareness Coordinator said the books were developed to assist pupils with internalization of issues surrounding the disease.

“Thebooks were developed so that the information could be taught to the learners to share with their families, friends and the community,” he said.

Chiumya added that the source book will act as a store of information for learners whilst the activity book is to guide the teachers.

“The source book contains all relevant information on Trachoma awareness and prevention for learners. The activity book is also for teachers to facilitate the learning process,” he clarified.

Teachers from various primary schools in Machinga have been trained on how to use the source books.

Omar Matengula, a teacher from Mayiwa Primary School, said the training has equipped him with full information about the disease.

“The training offered has been extensive compared to past cases where it was limited,” he elaborated.

Becky Kalimba, Headteacher at Chiyembekezo Primary School, said she is enthusiastic to share the information from the training to the pupils.

There are an estimated 8.2 million people living in Trachoma endemic areas in Malawi.

More than 12,500 people have Trichiasis, the final and most painful stage of the disease which without treatment leads to blindness.

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