MPs hailed for passing HIV/AIDS bill

One of the country’s human rights campaigners has commended legislatures for passing the amended HIV/AIDS management and prevention bill into law.

The campaigner, Victor Mhango who is also Executive Director for Center for Human Rights Education, Advice and Assistance (CHREAA) told YFM online, that the criminalizing provisions of the bill were removed and this will do the vulnerable groups some good.

He cited, compulsory HIV testing for domestic workers before employing them as one of the provisions which would have fuelled stigma.

“We are very happy with the commitment that the members of parliament have shown by not only passing this bill but also ensuring that the elements which could have promoted stigma be removed.”

“CHREAA, alongside other civil society organisations have been lobbying for the removal of the contentious clauses in this bill since 2008, thus in section 43 and now all our worries have been put to rest,” added Mhango.

On the other hand Mhango observed that the country is making strides in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The passing of the HIV/AIDS management bill has coincided with the World AIDS Day Commemorations which fall on December 1 every year.

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