Pathetic learning conditions for Chikwawa pupils

Pupils at Chilongoma primary school in Traditional Authority Katunga in Chikwawa district are at risk of facing disruptions in their education during this rainy season due to lack of adequate classroom blocks at the school.

Deputy Head teacher for the school, Erick Andiseni disclosed that since its inception in 2000, the school has only four classrooms against an enrollment of more than 650 pupils.

He said the situation is forcing the pupils to learn under tree shades thereby leading to disruption of lessons during the rainy season.

“As you can see they are learning under the trees. How can we expect them to do well in their education under such pathetic conditions?” Andiseni wondered.

He further said that when the pupils graduate from standard seven they walk a distance of five kilometers to continue with their standard eight education at another school.

“In this area we experience a very hot weather so if you consider a distance of five kilometers for a pupil to walk is not a simple thing. This is forcing our children not to proceed from standard eight.”

Andiseni disclosed that the challenge is fueling school dropout in the area.

He added that the communities around the school have managed to mould 150,000 bricks to be used for the construction of classroom blocks.

Andiseni therefore pleaded for both material and financial support from well-wishers for the building work to commence.

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