CHREAA against discrimination of ex-prisoners

Centre for Human Rights Education, Advice and Assistance (CHREAA) has asked government to consider providing small loans to ex-prisoners in a bid to promote their lives.

Chreaa Executive Director Victor Mhango told YFM online that ex-prisoners find it hard to access job opportunities as they are considered criminals.

Mhango said providing capital to the ex- prisoners to start their own businesses or buy equipment to practice their trade would help reduce criminal activities.

He said these incentives can help the ex-prisoners to be provided with something to do so that they do not think about committing other crimes.

“In as much as discrimination plays a role in employing ex-prisoners we should also look at how difficult it is to find a job even for people who have just finished their studies,” he explained.

Mhango asked government to consider addressing discrimination that ex-prisoners face as they are also human beings just like anybody else.

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