YONECO to fight abuse using Tithandizane Helpline App

Youth Net and Counselling -YONECO has developed a Tithandizane Helpline Application to help people facing different forms of abuse in the country.

Information Technology (IT) Manager for YONECO, Panji Harawa told YFM online that the application has been developed in response to the needs of victims of gender based violence and child abuse.

Harawa said among other things, the application has been designed in a way that both victims of abuse as well as people who have witnessed some sort of abuse can report by filling a form available on the application.

He further said the application has several features including location and mapping directory that will help the user to identify where they can access immediate help closer to their location by checking the directory itself.

“We have also included the panic button that one can use in time of need. Basically it is a button that one can press and it instantly sends a message to us,” said Harawa.

The app can be downloaded on all YONECO websites namely www.yoneco.org and www.yonecofm.com.

However, all android users can also access this app on google play store by searching Tithandizane Helpline App.

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