VSU officers told to priotize victims

Police Commissioner for Eastern Region has asked victim support unit officers to prioritize assisting victims of gender based violence to ensure maximum protection and welfare of the victims.

The Commissioner Martha Suwedi made the call in Zomba when she was presiding over the opening of a four day training workshop for the officers on the handling crime and gender based violence cases.

Suwedi said the officers have been neglecting the victims whenever they have reported the cases for assistance which leaves them more traumatized and insecure.

She said due to this they feel more betrayed and others even resort to committing suicide.

“Victims of gender based violence have complained that much concentration is given to the suspects. It has been observed that we are not being fair enough to them,” she explained.

Speaking on the same, one of the officers, Stephano Chiwaya said the knowledge they will acquire will enable them to deliver and perform their duties without any difficulties.

“The knowledge that we will acquire from this workshop will mark the beginning of a new era in as far as handling victims of gender based violence is concerned,” explained Chiwaya.

The training has been organized  under a project called Chilungamo Program, with financial support from European Union.

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